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This report invites the reader to reflect systematically upon the broad range of actors, interests, and narratives present in the ongoing, interlocking conflicts in the Middle East and in North Africa.

Our research initiative included scholars and students from Harvard University, IDC Herzliya, Tufts University, and Brandeis University. The final report contains a comprehensive mapping of the MENA conflict system. It identifies and analyzes the various conflicts, parties, issues, and relationships that shape the current political situation in the Middle East and North Africa. As such, this negotiation stakeholder analysis includes many actors, both state and non-state, that are involved in the interconnected conflicts in the MENA region and that have a significant impact on its future. It also aims to identify opportunities for peaceful intervention by means of negotiation.

We would like to thank our research assistants, research facilitators, and research contributors for their hard work and collaborative creativity that made this project possible.

Eileen Babbitt, Arvid Bell, Alain Lempereur, Brian Mandell, Dana Wolf
May 2017

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