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In order to access all stakeholder assessments, please download the full report. Part Four includes the following chapters:

​Algeria: Restructuring Behind the Curtain of Pouvoir

AQAP: Salafi Spoiler; The Middle East Strategy of Al-Qaeda

The Arab League: Revitalizing Regional Cooperation

Bahrain: “No Sunni, No Shi'i, Just Bahraini”

China: Investing Financial and Political Capital in the Middle East

Japan: Expanding Security and Economic Interests

India: Making Friends on All Sides in the Middle East

Djibouti: Strategic Gateway to the Middle East

Eritrea: A Thorn in the Horn of Africa

Somalia: The Most Failed State?

Al-Shabaab: Balancing Middle Eastern Terrorist Sponsors

Egypt: Post-Revolutionary Decline or Authoritarian Resurgence?

Europe and the EU: Internal Divisions, External Shocks


France: Economic Crisis, Force Projection, and a History of Colonialism

Germany: Quiet Leader, Reluctant Fighter

The United Kingdom: Global Ambition, Domestic Cleavages

 Holy See Diplomacy in the Modern Middle East: The Oldest Diplomatic Corps in the Cradle of Civilization

Iran: Pride, Divisions, and Persian Legacy

Iraq: Finding Peace Again in Dar as-Salam

ISIS: War, Extremism and State Building

Israel: In Search of Security for the Jewish Democracy

Jordan: King Abdullah's Balancing Act

The Kurds of Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Turkey: Embattled Autonomy

Kuwait, UAE, and Oman: Regional Power and Influence of the Small Gulf States

Lebanon: Fragility, Fracticious Politics, and Resilience

Hezbollah: Resistance, Politics, and Governance

Libya: Competing Governments, Power Centers, and Militias

Morocco: Makhzan in the Mix

NATO: Building a Strong Security Partnership

Palestine: Steadfastness and Resistance Despite Failed Leadership & Loss

Qatar: Regional and Global Ambitions

Russia: Restoring the Reputation of a Global Power

Saudi Arabia: Stability, War, and Statecraft

South Sudan: Struggles of the Newest State

Sudan: Arab Muslim Africa

Syria: From ‘Syrianism’ to Sectarianism, From Protest to Proxy War

Tunisia: One-Party State to Multi-Party State

Turkey: Faith, Secularism, and Regional Ambition

The United Nations: From Deadlock to Action

The United States: Balance of Power

Yemen: Persistent Conflict, Underdevelopment, and Displacement

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